Healthy Eating Line-Up Game
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Nutrition, Weight Loss,
Self-Care and related topics
about healthy lifestyle.
Audiences may be
Registered Dietitians, other
health professionals, or just
people interested in losing
weight, eating right, and
taking care of themselves.
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PESI Healthcare Presents:
"Weight Loss
Coaching: Real

August 2-4: Boston, MA
September 21-23: Chicago, IL
October 18-20: Madison, WI

"Interpreting Food
Labels: What's Really In

May 18  Oatman Tea House 8:
30 am

"Fast Foods: The
Good, The Bad, and
The Ugly"

April 26
St. Clair Farm Bureau

May 11
St. Clair Office on Aging

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         BOOKS and E-BOOKS

The Virtual Dinner Coach:
Keep it in your kitchen!
Especially for the busy mom, too
rushed  to prepare balanced
meals at home.
It's stressful just to think about
planning, shopping, and preparing a
healthy meal for your family.  Now
there's a book that has it all laid out
you can put simple dinners
together in
record time. The
download version costs
less than

Choose To Lose: E-book series

If you can't lose weight no
matter how hard you try to eat
right, find out what's keeping you
from losing the weight you want
to lose.  How are you sabotaging
YOUR weight loss efforts?
Mindless snacking? Skipping
breakfast.  Too many fast food runs
during your busy week?
NOW, choose the e-book that
tells you how you can
still snack,
go to fast food restaurants and
get on with your day, guilt free!
from $6.95

"Choose To Lose" E-books: designed to
target and banish your self-sabotage!
click on links for detailed information and purchase options
Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight E-Course
for Self-Guided Progress in Privacy
~ A 6-week E-course leads you habits that get
the weight off and keep it off. Learn which
foods keep you from gaining weight, and
staying at your ideal weight will be second
nature! Do it yourself or enlist the support of
your coach by e-mail or telephone. Starting
from just $59.
Have fun developing new habits for a
healthy, active lifestyle.  Set includes a
board to post on your refrigerator with
16 action plans, 16 magnets and 7
day-of-the week magnets to track win
days.  Set your own rewards for
completed row for a specific number of
days ... Or go for broke and shoot for a
black out of the entire board!

$8.95 for the original Healthy Eating Line-up

Or make it a special custom board designed
especially for you!  At $19.95, the individualized
version includes a complimentary 10 minute
telephone consultation!
Consider  personal
diet coaching for that
attention you
deserve! Bridge that
gap from wishing to
weight loss and get
where you want to be,
with healthy eating
and  exercise habits
made second nature.  
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Have you been on and off diets
before, but can't seem to make
them stick?  What you need is a
way to make lasting, permanent
lifestyle changes.

This program guides you to
changing your bad habits, one
by one, and replacing them with
habits that people of a healthy
weight enjoy: Low calorie
snacking, an active lifestyle,
knowing how to plan a healthy
menu, and following through
with intentions to eat right, day
after day.

This can be the new you!  
Time for a Change.